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Amazon To Control Prices For New Android App Store

Amazon's upcoming Android app store is to see the online retailer setting the prices for apps it sells, rather than the developers.

Developers submitting their apps to the store will be able to set a suggested retail price for the apps, although it will be Amazon that ultimately decides the price of the software, Business Insider reports.

The online retail giant will have the ability to decide whether to distribute the app at the suggested retail price or at a reduced price. Amazon could also decide to offer the app to consumers for free.

According to the developers' terms of use, they will be entitled to 70 per cent of Amazon's chosen retail price or 20 per cent of the developer-suggested retail price, whichever is greater. Even if the app is sold for free, the developer will still get paid a pre-decided amount.

The move could have serious consequences for developers, who may be forced to match Amazon's price for the apps on other platforms should the company decide to sell them for a lower amount. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.