Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 2 To Come With New A5 CPU

More rumours have emerged regarding the hardware configuration of the iPhone 5, the iPad 2 and the next Apple TV and they all point towards a new CPU.

Engadget says that the new Apple devices will come with a new A5 CPU, which will be based on the Cortex A9 and may come with multiple cores.

This is not a total surprise, given that Samsung - Apple's manufacturing partner - has already announced the Samsung Orion, which features similar specifications.

The processor, according to Engadget's sources, will be extremely fast and will run 1080p graphics effortlessly. Qualcomm doesn't yet have plans to release a Cortex A9-based processor, so it's possible that Apple's engineers have come up with their own customised version.

We doubt that Apple will need a dual-core Cortex A9 processor at this stage, having been able to squeeze the two generations of iPhone from a single-core A8 processor.

A Cortex A9 will add 20 per cent in terms of performance at equivalent clock speeds and with a few more tweaks, a single-core A5 could end up being significantly more powerful than the A4, while consuming much less power.