BAE Using E-Ink To Make Tanks Invisible

Defence contractor BAE Systems is designing a new type of camouflage technology that could make British tanks invisible on the battlefield.

The technology uses the same e-ink used in Amazon's Kindle e-reader to cover the surface of the tank. A group of hi-tech sensors project images of the surrounding environment on the e-ink surface, rendering the tank invisible.

According to The Telegraph, the new camouflage will help the tank blend into its surroundings in the same way a squid uses ink to help it disguise itself under water.

The invisible tanks are a part of BAE's Future Protected Vehicle programme, under which the company will develop technology that could change the way battles are fought in the future. Other warfare technology currently in development include a 'Batmobile' like vehicle called Raider and a robot that can be used for scouting and clearing minefields.

BAE is also developing a technology known as "biometric integration", which can detect threats from within a crowd using advanced algorithms.

“The trick here is to use machines to do what they are best at (and humans are not) - ploughing very quickly through dull, repetitive data to strip out the overwhelming bulk which is of no use and would take a long time and enormous human resources to process,” Hisham Awad, program head at BAE said in a statement.