Best Buy US Publishes Then Removes Apple iPad 2 SKU?

Best Buy has listed three different Apple tables, possibly iPad 2, with stock keeping units 1945674, 1945595 and 1945531, different from the current iPad devices that the US retailer has listed.

Engadget listed the SKUs over the weekend and they have been removed since. All the SKUs listed had Wi-Fi and two of them had a $599.95 pricing attached with the most expensive one pegged at $699.95.

It might just have been a mistake or one deliberate cockup aimed whipping up public interest. We haven't been able to track the the SKUs anywhere else online.

It is not the first time that Best Buy has had Apple SKUs popping up in their system and back in February 2010, there were evidence that the online giant had dummy stock keeping units for the first iPad lined up.

Rumours about the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 have been pouring in ever since the end of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it is likely that it will culminate at the end of the month with the launch of the iPad 2 in San Francisco.

These include a 2048x1536 10-inch screen, dual core Cortex A5/A8 processor, dual core graphics, a SD card reader and much more.