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Google Music Sync Spotted In Android 2.3

Google could be on the verge of launching its long rumoured Google Music service for Android powered devices.

According to GizmoFusion, an option to 'Sync Music' has been discovered on a device running Google's latest version of Android - 2.3 Gingerbread.

The option, found in the 'Data and Synchronisation' section of the menu, will allow users to sync music files between their smartphones and PCs.

The appearance of the option on a build of Android Gingerbread indicates that Google may soon launch an iTunes-like music service, in order to compliment the functionality.

It is not yet known if Google will extend the feature to older versions of Android. Considering the massive amount of fragmentation plaguing the platform, it is likely that the company will be aiming to attract as many users as possible to the service.

This development follows the news last month that the company made an attempt to purchase music streaming service Spotify, although no deal was reached.