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Lane Fox To Champion £98 PC Scheme In UK

The UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox is launching a new scheme under which Brits with no internet access will be able to purchase a refurbished Linux-based PC for £98.

The PC will come with a Linux operating system, a flat-screen monitor and telephone support along with a warranty, The Financial Times reports. The scheme is part of Lane Fox's Race Online 2012 campaign which aims to bring every Brit online by the end of 2012.

In a statement Lane Fox said: “Motivation and inspiration are still two of the biggest barriers [to using the internet], but clearly perception of price is another big deal for people. A good price point is certainly part of what helps people get online.”

The £98 PCs will be sold via 60 UK online centres and Remploy, which makes refurbished PCs. Lane Fox also hopes to sell the PCs through charities. The government hopes to sell 8,000 units by the end of this year. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.