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Man tunnels into GameStop, steals games

Computer game piracy is big business, but there are still those who prefer to get their games the old-fashioned way: by digging a tunnel into their local games shop and making off with as much stock as they can carry.

At least, that's the slightly bizarre approach taken by a man from Greeneville, Tennessee, who was arrested late last week after being caught tunnelling into his local GameStop store from an empty adjoining building.

The heist, which would perhaps have been more suited to robbing a bank than a games retailer, resulted in Steven Archer, 33, making off with almost $300 in cash and around $5,400 in games - hardly the scam of the century, but a pretty good haul nevertheless.

Sadly for Archer, he didn't have long to enjoy his ill-gotten gains: leaving a trail of evidence, the man was arrested by Detective Pat Hankins and charged with felony burglary, according to local paper The Greenville Sun (opens in new tab).

While most people who don't want to pay for their games rely on digital methods such as peer-to-peer file sharing services and binary Usenet groups, it's refreshing to see that some still long for a simpler time when a pickaxe and patience was all you needed. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.