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Man Used Facebook To Hack Women's E-Mail Accounts And Steal Nude Pics

A California man has pleaded guilty to using information found on women's Facebook profiles to hack into their e-mail accounts and steal nude photos.

George Bronk of Sacramento, California, used social networking platform Facebook to trawl through information that he could use to hack into the e-mail accounts of hundreds of women living in the US and UK, the California attorney general's office told the Associated Press.

He scanned the 'sent' list of hacked e-mail accounts to uncover nude and semi-nude photos and videos of the victims. Bronk then sent the photos to everyone on the contact list or used them to blackmail victims for more explicit pictures.

He also used the information to hijack some victims' Facebook accounts and post explicit pictures of them on the site.

Bronk could face up to six years in prison for his crimes.

“This case highlights the fact that anyone with an e-mail account is vulnerable to identity theft,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement.