News@10: Apple Plans Slimmer iPhone 5 & iPad 2, Silver Xbox 360 Controller & Windows Phone 7

Apple has been granted a patent that shows how smaller conductive nodes could be slotted beneath the screen, something that could shave at least a fraction of a millimetre off the thickness of the future iPhone 5 or iPad 2.

The Silver Xbox 360 transforming controller will arrive in the UK on 4 March and will retail for £44.99. The controller's design allows users to transform the D-pad into a plus-shaped or a disc-shaped pad depending on the game that they are playing.

The senior global director of PC and mobile gaming at Microsoft, Kevin Unangst, told Kotaku in an interview that Windows Phone 7 is the company's mobile platform for games.

Defence contractor BAE Systems is designing a new type of camouflage technology that could make British tanks invisible on the battlefield. The technology uses the same e-ink used in Amazon's Kindle e-reader to cover the surface of the tank

Asus is not keen to stay behind in the tablet frenzy and has confirmed that it will be building its own app store as it cannot confirm that its forthcoming tablets will ship with Android 3.0 AKA Honeycomb.