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Nokia Closes Ovi Music Unlimited Service

Nokia is to shut down its Ovi Music Unlimited (OMU) service after failing to make an impression on the market.

The company launched the service back in October 2008 to allow owners of high-end Nokia smartphones to download unlimited music. Ovi Music Unlimited was available in 27 countries worldwide.

Nokia is yet to officially confirm the news of the closure but E's Phone Blog has cited an internal Nokia document that said that unlimited music downloads will soon no longer be available.

According to the document, Nokia will stop shipping devices pre-loaded with OMU. However, people who have bought an OMU-equipped device but have not activated the unlimited downloads scheme can still do so but won't be able to renew the license after the one-year membership has elapsed.

The blog reports that the move has already been implemented on OMU in Finland, with users being unable to renew their one-year license. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.