One In Ten Children Are Video Game “Addicts”

Nearly one in ten children are video game “addicts” and will be left with the problem, new research has revealed.

A two-year study of more than 3,000 school children in Singapore has been carried out by researchers from the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University, and results suggest that excessive gaming is a real problem with some children, Reuters reports.

Results show that children with a gaming “addiction” often had pre-existing behavioural problems, but that playing video games seemed to add to their mental issues.

"When children became addicted, their depression, anxiety, and social phobias got worse, and their grades dropped," said Douglas A. Gentile of the Media Research Lab.

Whilst the results of the study appear to show that video games were causing some children mental problems, Gentile conceded that the research did not manage to conclusively prove that point.