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Silver Xbox 360 Controller Gets UK Release Date

The Silver Xbox 360 transforming controller will arrive in the UK on 4 March and will retail for £44.99.

The controller's design allows users to transform the D-pad into a plus-shaped or a disc-shaped pad depending on the game that they are playing. The design will enable gamers to use the controller more easily with certain games and has been specifically designed to best suit the fighting genre.

The new Xbox 360 wireless controller was unveiled back in August. The controller also comes with silver themed face buttons and a tweaked analogue thumbstick that has a concave top for better control.

Similarly to the US release of the silver controller, the £45 device also comes with a Play and Charge kit, Gamerzine reports.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console finished 2010 with a bang, helped by the launch of Kinect. The console beat Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii to become the best selling console of the year in the UK.