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Sony And Universal To Release Singles As Soon As They Air

Record labels Sony and Universal are planning an 'on air, on sale' policy in order to combat the online music piracy that is threatening their very existence.

The companies plan to release singles for sale the moment they air on radio for the first time, hoping that the younger, more impatient generation will buy the songs and not copy or download them illegally.

Record companies currently wait around six weeks after airing a song on the radio before making it available online for purchase. This gap has been cited as a reason behind the illegal pirating of new tracks and any subsequent online file-sharing before the song is officially released for sale.

“Wait is not a word in the vocabulary of the current generation. It's out of date to think that you can build up demand for a song by playing it for several weeks on radio in advance,” David Joseph, the chief executive of Universal Music, said in a statement to The Guardian. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.