Why Should The iPad 2 Adopt A 1920x1280 Resolution

Could Apple adopt a 1920x1280 screen resolution for the iPad 2 tablet rather than a full 2048x1536 one? It's a possibility that some commentators have put forward, one that would bring the iPad 2 closer to the Apple TV and the iPhone 4.

The overwhelming majority of full HD televisions on the market have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 screen ratio) while the iPhone 4 has a screen resolution of 960x640 pixels, one which can be scaled to 1920x1280 pixels.

It would therefore be perfectly possible for the iPad 2 to accommodate full HD content with black 100px bars on each side. It would epitomise Apple's quest to deliver the same type of content regardless of the screen and would see the Apple TV, which plays full HD content, move closer to the iPad 2.

In comparison, a 2048x1536 screen resolution would certainly require more resizing and come with much bigger black bars. In the case of a 21:9 widescreen movie, up to 43 per cent of an iPad 2 screen would be occupied by black bars; not particularly user friendly.

For iPhone developers, moving to 1920x1280 would help to simplify cross-platform development since moving from the iPhone 4 to the iPad would "simply" mean doubling the horizontal and vertical resolution, something that is not as straight forward with a 4:3 screen ratio like the iPad.