Apple Q1 Revenue To Surpass Estimates, Experts Predict

Apple's revenue for Q1 2011 will surpass above-consensus estimates when the company announces its financial results today, financial pundits have predicted.

According to Apple Insider, Mark Moskowitz, an analyst with JP Morgan, predicts that Apple will top the projected revenue of $24.778 billion. The company is also expected to post earnings per share of more than the estimated $5.38.

Last month, the analyst had estimated that Apple would sell 4.3 million Macs, 15.1 million iPhones and 6.7 million iPad units. But judging by the company's impressive sales figures for December, Moskowitz reckons Apple will sell more units than it had been previously estimated.

“Our recent research indicates, however that the actual iPhone numbers could track closer to 16.0 to 16.1 million units and iPad shipments could be 6.9 to 7.0 million units,” he said in a note to investors.

Morgan Stanley analyst Kathy Huberty predicts that Apple will rake in $23.9 billion in revenue and post an EPS of $5.25.