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Businesses To Buy 10 Million Tablets In 2011, Deloitte Predicts

Companies will account for over one quarter of the 50 million tablets set to ship this year, Deloitte has predicted.

According to Deloitte’s annual report, tablet sales will top 10 million in 2011, with the healthcare and retail sectors accounting for some 5 million tablets this year alone.

Deloitte believes that long battery life, ease of use and the ability to quickly install and run apps on the go will fuel enterprise interest in tablets.

“Although some commentators view tablets as underpowered media-consumption toys suitable only for consumers... in 2011, more than 25 percent of all tablet computers will be bought by enterprises and that figure is likely to rise in 2012 and beyond," Deloitte said.

Deloitte said that, in 2011, the combined growth in sales of both smartphones and tablet devices will mean that those for personal computers will account for less than half of the computing device market, Reuters reports.

Sales of laptops, netbooks and desktops for 2011 will hit 390 million, Deloitte predicted, just short of the expected 375 million smartphone and 50 million tablet sales combined.

"2011 marks the tipping point," it said.