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Cyber Security Challenge Finalists Shortlisted

The nation-wide UK Cyber Security Challenge held the first round of competition over the weekend, with two teams making it through to the finals.

The industry sponsored Cyber Security Challenge aims to entice young people into choosing cyber security as a career and to find great IT talent that could be put to use for defending UK's cyber infrastructure.

The events, held on the 15 and 16 of January, saw individuals in their mid-to-late twenties testing their cyber security skills in a series of competitions and games.

According to IT Pro, two participating teams have made it through to the finals, which is to take place in Bristol during March. The winning teams were PEBKAC and Team Glitch.

The overall winners of the challenge will be offered a chance to pursue a career in cyber security and help strengthen UK's defences against cyber warfare.

Jay Abbott, chairman of the Competitions Committee for the UK Cyber Security Challenge, said in a statement: “We are starting to more actively promote the cyber defence work we do at events like careers fairs to help those with the relevant skills find out that careers like ethical hacking exist and are growing in importance.”