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Intel Settles Patent Suit With WiLan

Intel has settled its lawsuit with WiLan, in which it had been alleged that the chip giant had violated patents related to WiLan's wireless and internet technologies.

News agency Reuters reports that Intel has agreed to pay an unspecified amount of money over a period of time to license WiLan's entire portfolio.

After securing a deal with Intel, the patent licensing firm plans to continue legal action against Intel's co-defendants Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

Both the companies failed to disclose the amount of money involved in the multi-year patent licensing deal, but a patent laws expert told Reuters that Intel paid a substantial amount for the deal.

Alexander Poltorak, chief executive of General Patent Corp, also told Reuters that now that Intel had decided to settle with WiLan, Apple, HP and Dell will likely follow suit as they look to avoid the suit dragging on.