iPad 2 Screen & Vibrating Motor Appear Online

GlobalDirectParts, who may be remembered for posting details of the parts of the iPhone 4 CDMA on its website, has listed an iPad 2 LCD screen as well as an iPad vibrating motor on its website.

GDP sells components from popular electronics devices to the general public, but it is quite surprising how fast it manages to get hold of soon-to-be announced parts.

The iPad 2 LCD screen is shown as being out of stock and carries a selling price of $218.19, while the original iPad screen costs less than a third at $63.35.

There's also the thumbnail picture of a white iPad tablet listed elsewhere on the website, but the vibrating motor may simply be a mistake as there's no such component in the current iPad.

There are chances that GlobalDirectParts may be smartly exploiting SEO techniques by listing pages of searched-for products without actually having them in stock.

This is an oft-used scheme aimed at getting traction and momentum from more popular websites that report the story.

The iPad 2 is expected to have a quasi retina display screen, with a resolution of 2056x1536 pixels as well as two cameras, a dual core processor with graphics module and an SD card reader.