Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Goes Global

Microsoft is preparing to take on rivals Salesforce and Oracle by launching its Dynamics CRM client in forty markets around the globe.

As part of the move, Microsoft is offering sizable discounts to new users who switch from Salesforce or Oracle.

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM tool is available for $34 per user for per month for the first year - competitively lower than the $125 subscription fee asked by Salesforce from its enterprise users.

Dynamics General Manager Brad Wilson said in a statement to Cnet: “What's kind of cool about this right now is that this kind of price point and this type of technology lets smaller business take advantage of technology that was before only available to larger organizations.”

According to Microsoft, CRM Online will be based on the on-premise versions of Dynamics CRM 2011, which is to be launched to the public on 28 January.