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Nokia puts an end to unlimited music downloads

Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has announced it is to end its unlimited music feature, by putting an end to the Comes With Music service.

Nokia stopped selling the recently renamed Ovi Music Unlimited subscriptions on the last day of 2010, where the company will still honour existing contracts only they won’t be renewing the service.

Comes With Music was launched in 2008 with companies such as SonyBMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music Group all on-board to offer a paid for music or yearly unlimited music downloads on Nokia phones purchased with that service.

Nokia will not be renewing the yearlong subscription, but the music that was downloaded will still be accessible from the computer or mobile phone.

The service did have its flaws, as the music was DRM enabled; which meant that the files couldn’t be shared or used to create an audio CD.

One of the popular handsets that arrived with this music feature was the Nokia X6 with 32GB of internal storage, which could hold over £7,000 worth of free music – if the equivalent was purchased on an iPhone, from iTunes.

There was also a computer based counterpart to the Ovi Music Unlimited service, which could be used to download the music and then have the tracks transferred to a phone and that was only limited by storage capacity of the computer; where a 1TB drive could carry over £210,000 worth of free music.

Nokia is preparing to deliver new music experiences as part of Ovi during 2011, where there’s a hope this isn’t the last we hear of Comes With Music/Ovi Music Unlimited.

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