Orange prepay top-ups, with loose change

Mobile phone network that is one part of EverythingEverywhere has brought out the news that their customers can now top up their pay as you go phones, with as little as 10p.

The minimum top-up with Orange was previously £5, where now this new ‘Tiny Top Up’ scheme is in place the loose change in your pocket can be used to top up a prepay phone with credit.

Adding 10p to a pay as you go account offers up the ability to send a single text message; whilst 20p allows for a minute's phone call.

This new incentive comes off the back of an Orange study, where 94-percent of people they spoke to plan to tighten their purse strings this year and the mobile phone network also discovered one-in-four 18-24 year olds carry less than £1 in loose change.

Tiny Tops Up marry the results of the study to allow a new minimum top up fee for prepay Orange users, whilst at the same time providing a resource for getting rid of unwanted change where for the duration of March Orange will double the amount topped up.

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