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Survey Shows Apple iPad Usage Not Very Different From PCs

In a survey carried out by online research firm Knowledge Networks, it has been found that an overwhelming proportion of people using Apple's iPad prefer free content, subsidised by adverts.

Mobilemarketingwatch writes that only a seventh of those surveyed said that they would be willing to pay for a magazine or a TV program for the iPad.

Even more astounding is that, on average, they'd only willing to pay up to $2.60 for the content. The relative reluctance to pay for content or apps is highlighted by the fact that the average iPad user will only pay for six apps out of every 24 they download (ed : reminds me of this great Oatmeal cartoon that depicts our general reaction to paying for apps).

Usage statistics show that, as with traditional computers, a majority of people use their tablets for searching (97 per cent of those surveyed), followed by web browsing and email (91 per cent). Surprisingly consuming multimedia content is quite low; only 50 per cent regularly watch video content, two thirds listen to music and 70 per cent use it for reading.

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