White iPhone 4 spotted on Vodafone inventory

Apple's fabled white iPhone 4 has been spotted lurking on an inventory system used by Vodafone in Germany.

Sneaky snaps of the system's screen have tipped up on Engadget and seem to show that the fabled iPhone 4 for girls will be arriving soon.

The last we heard from Apple, it was hoping for a spring launch of the much-delayed variant of the omni-present handset, but production has been plagued by undisclosed manufacturing problems, rumours of which have been as numerous as the many failed launch dates.

Our favourite so far, is that manufacturing partner Foxconn has not been able to make the White iPhone 4's glass case panels opaque enough to prevent ambient light from leaking into the gadget's camera sensors.

The weiß iPhone 4 is shown in the blurrycam snaps in 16GB and 32GB flavours with the SKU numbers 300432 and 300434 respectively, but could just be down to forward planning on the behalf of Vodafone's database programmers or, of course, some pretty simple fakery.

And with Apple's iPhone 5 rumoured to be in the pipeline for release in the few months, there's every possibility that a white iPhone 4 will never appear.