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WikiLeaks Handed Swiss Bank Secrets

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks is on the verge of stirring another global conspiracy after a former Swiss bank employee handed some 2,000 secret documents to the site.

Rudolf Elmer, a former employee at the Julius Baer bank, claims the data contains proof that prominent business leaders and lawmakers attempted to evade taxes by channeling their wealth through Swiss banks.

According to Business Week, the former banker, who has previously leaked sensitive banking documents to WikiLeaks, said in a press conference at London’s Frontline Club that he wanted to expose the intricacies of the offshore banking system.

“I want to let society know how this system works. It's damaging society,” he told reporters.

He refused to give the details of the exact nature of the documents he would be passing on to WikiLeaks. Elmer also said that he will not reveal the names of any individual companies or persons that have been implicated in the controversial documents.