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Will The Apple iPhone 5 Come With Docking Station?

Nearly two years ago, we wrote in one of our April fool article that Apple had launched a docking station for the iPhone, one that doesn't require any physical docking cradle.

Instead, merely touching it would allow the device to sync with the docking station and start the charging process and back then, we suggested that the device might be a cousin of the Apple TV.

Fast forward in 2011 and the launch by Motorola of a similar docking station for the Motorola Atrix 4G (albeit one that requires the user to physically insert the phone in a dock) could well persuade Apple to do the same with the iPhone 5 but with a more elegant design

It may actually be one of the reasons why Apple chose to shift form a curvy, rounded design to one which looks a lot like the black monolith in "2001 : Space Odyssey".

The upside of iPhone 4's design is that the phone is stable under almost any circumstances, will not rock and provides maximum surface should there be some sort of inductive technology introduced.

Arguably, it is not the first time that a phone will have a docking station; The Dell Streak, amongst others, had one since last year and the Motorola Droid as well.

But what may set Apple apart is the fact that you will be able to wireless sync the phone to the docking station and charge it simultaneously.

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