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Windows Phone 7 To Be Fastest Growing Smartphone OS In 2011

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is set to become the fastest growing platform in the smartphone market, analyst outfit Ovum has predicted.

According to Ovum analyst Tony Cripps, it’s thanks to the operating system’s "unique and very desirable take on the smartphone user interface" that it will be able to compete with market giants RIM, Apple and Google during 2011, V3 (opens in new tab) reports.

“Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience nous of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts,” he said.

“With Microsoft's loyal developer base now having a new target, we can expect Microsoft to increase its portion of mobile developer mindshare in 2011.”

Speaking to Tech Eye (opens in new tab), Cripps said that Windows Phone 7 is likely to become a “bellwether” for the future development of the smartphone market, but could go on to become something more.

“Right now we'd probably bet on it becoming a solid number three behind Android and iPhone in the medium term with the potential to go further,” he told Tech Eye. “However, as it's early days as yet it would be a bit much to expect it to overhaul those platforms - or BlackBerry - in the near future.”