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Acer Predicts End Of Netbooks As Tablets Take Over

Acer, one of the most prominent Netbook manufacturers, looks set to follow Asus's move towards embracing tablets.

One of the firm's sales managers, Lu bing-Hsian, told IDG that Acer will launch even more tablet models in the forthcoming months.

"They are aimed at phasing out netbooks," he said, adding: "That’s the direction of the market."

Various models running on Android or Windows will be offered, with some running on ARM processors (like the Nvidia Tegra 2) while others will be powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge and Atom CPUs.

Both 7-inch and 10-inch versions will be available; Acer has yet to provide more details concerning pricing and global availability.

As the Register points out, there's an element of irony in the change in focus, as the computer industry first promoted Netbooks after trying and failing to launch tablet-like devices via the Wintel-based UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) paradigm.

Poor battery life, bad design, small screens and high pricing meant that they never really took off as predicted.