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Apple iPad 2 Case Shows SD Card & Mini DisplayPort Options

The pictures of what looks like iPad 2 Silicon sleeves have been been published by US-based Apple Insider and it shows some minor but significant differences compared to the current Apple iPad.

There are the usual power button and dock connector slot but also what looks like space for a bigger internal speaker, a hole for a rear facing camera plus enough space for a SD card reader.

Apple Insider also posits that there may well be a cut out at the top where a mini DisplayPort might fit in, one which would allow the iPad to be connected to a HD-ready device.

Conveniently, there have been rumours about the iPad 2 sporting a QXGA screen resolution, one that would allow 3.1 megapixels to be displayed on the 9.7-inch screen of the tablet and would be more than sufficient for all but the largest monitors on the market.

More importantly, the use of a mini DisplayPort would allow the iPad to be connected to the iMac (and other Apple monitors) without any other adaptor.

One could argue though whether it is a classic example of which comes first, the chicken or the egg as Chinese manufacturers may have inspired their creations from leaks in the press which themselves might have been initiated by the likes of Alibaba-based iPad accessory vendors.