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Banksy Identity Almost Sold On eBay For $1 Million

A user on eBay attempted to sell the real identity of British street artist 'Banksy' for a million US dollars, it has been revealed.

eBay user 'Jaybuysthing' claimed that he had unearthed the identity of the anonymous artist, by matching the prices of his sold items with tax records.

“I will reveal no more details… I give you 100 per cent assurance that it is most certainly the full name of the street artist known as 'Banksy,” he writes.

Banksy's own website (opens in new tab) claims: "Banksy neither produces or profits from the sale of greeting cards, mugs or photo canvases of his work. He is not represented by any of the commercial galleries that sell his paintings second hand and cannot be found on facebook/twitter/myspace etc."

eBay has since removed the auction from the platform claiming that the user was not selling something "tangible".

According to The L.A Times (opens in new tab), one of the bidders had posted a price of a million dollars on the platform. Several other similar auctions have now popped up. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.