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BBC Tech Boss Quits For Intel

The BBC's head of Future Media and Technology Erik Huggers is set to leave the organisation to join Intel as the head of its Digital Home Group, the corporation has announced.

Erik Huggers, who joined the corporation in 2007, was responsible for the BBC's websites and its immensely popular iPlayer video catch-up service. He is set to join Intel in March.

The Future Media and Technology division will be broken-up into different parts, with the new technology division to be headed by current Information and Archives boss John Linwood and the future media division to be run by Ralph Riviera, who will also take control of the BBC's research and development arm.

In an e-mail to staff, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson said: “Erik is the key architect for a radical refocusing of BBC Online as part of our proposals for Delivering Quality First, which we will be announcing in due course.

"Since he became Director in August 2008, Future Media & Technology has helped to re-establish the BBC’s strength in technology, and as a result changed perceptions of the BBC as an innovator and strengthened our relationship with the public.

"He has been a dynamic and inspiring colleague and I wish him all the best with his new role at Intel.”