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Could Apple Launch The iPhone 5 With 3D?

Apple has filed a number of patents related to glassless 3D displays over the past few years, not unlike the Sharp Electronics model that will equip the Nintendo 3DS.

This has led the authors of Japanese blog Macotakara to suggest that Apple could be planning to add 3D features into the iPod Touch to fend off the Nintendo 3DS.

The jump from the iPod Touch to the iPhone 5 is too obvious not to be ignored. There's one specific patent, which refers to the adjustment of display based on the user's position, that could combine visual clues gathered by the camera with onboard gyroscope and other motion sensors to deliver an optimum 3D projection.

Check the video below bearing in mind that it is meant to be seen in 3D. We suspect that Apple will be waiting for at least another generation before embracing 3D as it learns from the mistakes of others although the first-comer advantage (like the Nintendo with the Wii) cannot be totally ignored.