HP Palm webOS tablet unveiled

General technology website Engadget has obtained details of the unannounced Hewlett-Packard touch screen tablet, based around the Palm webOS.

HP has two models that are reportedly ready to be announced at an HP event on February 9th; the 9-inch screen based ‘Topaz’ and the 7-inch display ‘Opal’ that will both be running the Palm webOS that was last seen on their mobile phones.

These new tablets from HP are said to be accompanied by a front facing camera, microUSB port and three speakers that are useful in both portrait and landscape modes.

The upcoming HP event has a tagline of ‘Something big, Something small and Something beyond’, with the speculation that three devices could be unveiled and not just the two.

Engadget’s leak contains details of two different models within the codenamed ‘Opal’ range; a WIFI version and a separate 3G variant.

The same leaked marketing slide also mentions the WIFI model will be on sale through various retail outlets, with the 3G model being exclusive to O2 in the UK – where both models are due in September.

There’s no word on the final specifications of the tablet or costing, but One Mobile Ring expects all these will be made public by HP at their event.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com