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Imagination Technologies Hints At Forthcoming PowerVR Series 6 Graphics

Imagination Technologies, the UK-based technology company whose IP have been used across a number of products like the iPhone 4, confirmed a couple of weeks ago that its new generation of graphics technologies, PowerVR Series6 may be closer than we think.

The press release, issued during CES 2011, said that the graphics solutions, codenamed Rogue, are "already in design with several tier one lead partners, are being presented to a wider customer base".

Aside from that, there are very few information regarding Rogue and we will try to find out more when we meet ImgTec at MWC in a few weeks time.

However, back in December 2010, Imagination announced the PowerVR SGX554 MP multi-processor IP which it presented as one capable of "best-in-class" performance.

The PowerVR SGX554 promises to be much better than the SGX543, which is rumoured to be powering the next iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. The SGX554 is the latest member of the Series 5XT family and provides "full support for DirectX 9 Feature Level 3 with maximum hardware acceleration".

It would be safe to believe that the PowerVR Series6 will be faster than the Series 5XT at least on a per core, per MHz basis and that they will arrive in products in around two years time, probably in the iPhone 7 or the iPad 4.

Another press release mentions the fact that more than 10 system-on-chips are currently utilising "multi-processor POWERVR SGX MP cores are currently in design or in silicon".

These are likely to come from the likes of Marvell, Samsung, Renesas, Freescale and Texas Instruments. We're not sure whether Intel has any plans to get multi-core graphics into its low-power chips like the Atom which uses the PowerVR SGX 535 core.