Met blames leak in Oxford Street shooting panic

An ongoing case of mass panic over a non-existent gunman in London's Oxford Street has been blamed on a leaked training document, rather than a mis-worded Tweet as was originally thought.

The panic, which is seeing Twitter hit with record numbers of panicking Londoners searching for information about a reported gunman seen on Oxford Street, was originally blamed on a badly-worded Tweet from an ASOS employee about a fashion shoot, which was posted just moments before the panic struck.

The Metropolitan Police have now declared that an internal leak, rather than a game of Chinese Whispers, was to blame, however.

Speaking to THINQ, a spokesman for the Met claimed: "There was a hypothetical written scenario about an armed individual in Oxford Street as part of a training exercise, which somehow got into the public domain. This was picked up by the social media as a real event."

It's not known who leaked the document or why, but once in the public domain it was taken at face value as a real report - and triggered a Twitter tsunami.

The spokesman was quick to reassure Londoners: "At no point were armed officers on the ground as part of the training exercise," which was an entirely paper-based scenario.

While the timing of ASOS' since-deleted Tweet was unfortunate, it looks like the company isn't to blame.