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Segways Banned From British Pavements

A man has become the first person in the UK to be fined for riding his Segway electric scooter on a pavement.

Phil Coates, who bought the Segway on a holiday in Florida, was fined £75 and ordered to pay £250 in costs after he was seen riding the scooter on a pavement in Barnsley.

His lawyers have argued against the prosecution's decision to classify a Segway as a motor vehicle and fined Coates under the Highways Act of 1865.

But the court decided otherwise and categorised the Segway as a motor vehicle while ordering Coates to pay the fine, effectively banning the scooter from the pavements of Britain.

Announcing the court's ruling, Judge Michael Rosenberg said: “Although this is by no means an easy matter to determine, I am inexorably driven to the conclusion that I am satisfied to the required standard that the Segway is a motor vehicle and the allegation is therefore proved.”

Segway rally groups who promote the use of the scooter point to the absurdity of the situation, saying it is now illegal to drive it on pavements as it has been classified as a motor vehicle, but that they cannot use them on roads as it doesn't actually fulfil all the requirements of a motor vehicle.

Riding a Segway on the payment is legal in around 30 US states,the Czech Republic, Portugal and Sweden.