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Sony To Showcase New PSP2 Gaming Console On Jan 27?

Japanese electronics giant is set to announce an updated version of its portable gaming device, the Playstation Portable, on Thursday 27th of January, two people close to the plans told Cliff Edwards of Bloomberg.

Edwards' sources told him that Sony will also give out more details regarding its strategy to share content like games, movies and music amongst its devices which will almost certainly include smartphones under the Sony Ericsson banner.

Nearly 19 million PSP consoles have been sold since its launch in the US, a figure that compares poorly to the 47 million or so units of the various flavours of Nintendo DS that were bought by US households.

The PSPGo, which was supposed to revive the PSP's fortunes, failed to impress despite the fact that Sony made a major concession by replacing proprietary gaming disks by virtual downloads.

Now could that gaming console and the PSP Phone (or Xperia Play) be one and only device? Would it make sense for Sony to announce two gaming device, albeit for different audiences, knowing pertinently that they might cannibalise each other's sales?

The rumour emerges only a few hours before the Nintendo formally presents the 3DS to the market ahead of a February launch in Japan.

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