Three offers £200 iPad with 15GB a month data

Three (3) UK is offering Apple iPads for as little as £200 up front and all you have to do is sign up for a two-year contract.

The cheapest option offers a rather generous 15GB a month data allowance on a 16GB Wi-fi iPad over 24 months at £25 per month. Which brings the cost of ownership over the full contract period to an eye-watering £800.

For an extra 50 quid you can have the 32GB model and an extra £150 will get you the 64GB version.

Off-contract iPads as above weigh in at £530, £600 and £700 respectively but as no-one else is currently offering a 15GB a month allowance, it's anyone's guess how much it would cost on all of the other carriers by bolting on additional allowances.

Just to give you an idea, Orange has a similar £199 buy-in plan for the 16GB iPad at £25 a month over two years but includes a 1GB 'anytime' allowance and a 1GB 'quiet time' allowance which can only be used between midnight and 4pm.

If you go above those allowances, Orange charges 5.1p per additional MB of data, or £51 per GB, so you'd end up spending and extra £663* according to our reckoning a rudimentary maths.

So that's a wallet-worrying £1,463 over two years to download three-and-a-bit DVD-quality movies a month. Ouch!

*Those of you itching to tell us it's £679 because a GB is actually 1024MB can just blimmin' well put the purple crayons down now. We know, but Orange apparently doesn't. Take your pedantry up with them.