Two Charged In AT&T iPad Security Breach

Two men have been arrested on Tuesday for hacking into AT&T's servers and exposing the e-mail details of 120,000 iPad

Andrew Auernheimer and Daniel Spitler have been each charged with one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorisation and one count of fraud, Cnet reports. The accused stand to face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000 if convicted.

Last summer, the e-mail details of 120,000 iPad users on AT&T, including those of a member of the White House staff, were leaked on the Internet after Auernheimer discovered a loophole in the wireless carriers security.

According to The Associated Press, Auernheimer has been ordered to remain in custody until the court decides his bail conditions on Friday. Spitler has been freed on a $50,000 bail and has been barred from using a computer or accessing the Internet at home.

“I maintain my innocence and I'm not worried about this case at all. The information in the complaint is false. This case has been blown way out of proportion,” Spitler said in a statement.