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White iPhone could launch February 27th

Sneaky snaps of a Best Buy computer screen are the best evidence yet that Apple will finally roll out the white iPhone 4 in a matter of weeks.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's revelation that Vodafone Germany's inventory system was listing the iPhone for girls, the latest leak even shows an 'in stock' date of February 27th 2011.

Unfortunately for the three people who have been holding out for so long for the much-delayed handset, this isn't the first time Best Buy has added the fruit-based phone for the ladies to its stock system, and then yanked the listing at the last minute.

The stack-'em-high-sell 'em-cheap US retail giant took pre-orders for the white iPhone 4 during the run-up to the original launch back in June 2010 using the same identification (SKU) numbers, but withdrew the listing when Apple hit the stop button on the production line.

The Cupertino company has never explained the delay, referring only to 'manufacturing difficulties' but, of all the rumours coming out of the Far East, we reckon the most believable is that component suppliers have been unable to make the iPhone 4's glass back cover and screen bezel opaque enough to stop light leaking into the handset's two cameras.

If a February 27th launch date does occur, and the latest official word from Apple is that a spring launch is on the cards, we can't see too many people queueing up to get their hands on a nine-month-old handset just because it isn't black.

We also suspect most potential punters will have either moved on to another mobile maker which is able to produce coloured hardware, or will hold out for the iPhone 5 which might or might not tip up in the next three months or so, depending on whose rumour-mongering you believe.