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Windows Phone 7 update gets detailed

Seattle based software company Microsoft has made public the details of what will be in the first update to the Windows Phone 7 operating system, with cut and paste being the most significant.

Microsoft has confirmed on the Windows Phone 7 website the first update to their mobile OS will the carry the cut and paste feature, which was missing from the original shipping version and as a result was seen by many as flawed platform from the outset.

The new feature will offer up the ability to allow text to be copied across from emails, text messages, web pages and Office Mobile documents – whilst being able to paste in any of them too.

Cut and paste on WP7 works in much the same way as it does on Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2, where just tapping on a word highlights the text and sliding a finger across highlights more words whilst another tap, copies the text.

Pasting the text is easy, with just a tap on an available space where a paste icon appears for the text to be copied across.

The upcoming fix will also house an update to the core OS in much the same way as a Windows desktop service pack, which will bring with it the the ability to provide faster loading times for applications and games.

There has been no news at to when the Windows Phone 7 update might arrive, but One Mobile Ring expects the time line for rollouts will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month.

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