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Yahoo Allows Google And Facebook Sign-Ins

Yahoo has announced that people will soon be able to log-in to its services using their Google and Facebook identities.

The move follows a successful trial on Flikr last year, where allowing visitors to log-in with their Google details boosted site sign-ups by 20 per cent.

Yahoo said that from Thursday, it will accept third-party user authentication from Google and Facebook logins using OpenID, allowing users to comment on a Yahoo News article, play Yahoo Fantasy Sports, or interact with photos on Flickr.

“This eliminates the proverbial necessity of registering for yet another new ID and remembering yet another password,” the company said (opens in new tab). “From Yahoo!'s perspective, any signed-in user engaging with Yahoo! services is a valued user, whether she authenticates using a Yahoo!, Facebook, or Google ID.”

The system doesn’t yet work across the board, so users won’t be able to sign into a mobile or desktop client using a Google OpenID, but Yahoo has said it will work to find a solution to any problems it encounters.

“We will continue to take the lead and work with the developer community to find solutions and define best practices. We'll stay in touch as we make progress on these fronts,” the company said.