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Nintendo 3DS Media Content Is Its Biggest Strength, Says CEO

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has been talking up the non-gaming capabilities of the upcoming 3DS console

Speaking in his recent ‘Iwata Asks’ (opens in new tab) column, the Nintendo boss said that the glasses free 3D games machine’s main strength is the ability to play 3D media, rather than just playing games. He speculates that the device will provide a useful opportunity for developers working with the burgeoning 3D technology, according to CVG (opens in new tab).

"One of this device's values is that it can play back 3D videos." said Iwata. "When we show 3DS to people from Hollywood, they express tremendous interest.

"We believe many people will be happy if we make it so that you can use the 3DS to watch things like, for instance, 3D movie trailers," he added.

Iwata also hinted that he is interesting in adding a 3D video camera to the device in the future. The 3DS already sports a camera that allows users to take 3D pictures.

It was announced yesterday at the European launch event for the console that Nintendo is to team up with Eurosport, Sky and Aardman to create short-form video content.

The 3DS will be launched Europe-wide on 25 March. No official price has been confirmed, although it has been seen selling for around £230 (opens in new tab).