Amazon Simplifies App Service With Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon Web Services has announced plans to introduce a new feature, which will automate the management of a number of web services offered by the company.

The Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is designed to allow Java developers to automatically manage an application on Amazon Web Service from a single tool.

PC World explains that when a developer launches an application, the tool automatically handles the deployment details like auto scaling, load balancing, computing clusters and storage requirements.

The company said that the product was targeted towards both small and large organisations that don't want to spend resources on managing the cloud computing infrastructure. The product is aimed at making Amazon's web services easier to use for developers and handing them total control over their applications at the same time.

Adam Selipsky, vice president of Web services at Amazon, said in a statement: “This is for customers building applications that may not have the technical depth to manage the underlying compute infrastructure.”