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Apple iPhone 5 To Have "Diabolical" Pentalobe Screws?

Apple is quietly rolling out a new type of screw called pentalobular screws in a bid to prevent users from tampering with or opening up the iPhone 4 with a very high chance that these will turn up in the next generation iPhone 5.

iFixit calls the fixing solution "Evil Proprietary Tamper Proof Five Point Screw” and it looks that the main reason Apple adopted it was because there were no screwdrivers on the market to use it.

These screws were first introduced in the MacBook Pro and have gradually been adopted by other products in the Apple range like the Macbook Air and many non-US iPhone 4.

Worse, iFixit says that Apple will replace the normal screws with Pentalobe ones when users send their iPhone 4 for repairs.

The repair company, which became famous for its explicit teardowns, found a fix for the Pentalobe screws but says that the replacement screwdriver it sourced can't be used more than a few times (or it risks damaging the screws altogether).

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