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Canadian Firm Plans Satellite Internet Service

Canadian company Microsat is planning to launch 78 satellites into space to provide the backbone for a robust new Internet infrastructure.

The CommStellation system will be launched by Microsat Systems Canada Inc. using six rockets. The rockets will deploy the 78 satellites 1,000 KM above the Earth.

The company claims the system could allow North America and the rest of the world to broaden their Internet bandwidth, as well as allow ISPs to offer better facilities via space.

Microsat failed to give the financial details of the ambitious project but said that the system would provide backhaul capacity to mobile services providers all over the world. It is likely this service will help companies to deal with the massive data demands caused by the rise in popularity of tablet and smartphone devices.

David Cooper, the president and chief executive of MSCI told the BBC: “Industry estimates to extend that fibre network are on the order of seven billion dollars and will take 10 years to implement. CommStellation [on the other hand] will be about one-tenth of that cost and be twice as fast to implement.”