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iPad 2 To Have Near Retina Display Say Taiwanese Firms

Upstream component manufacturers, the guys who actually provide the parts for devices like the iPhone, have told Digitimes that the iPad 2 will have a resolution of 2048x1536, supporting similar claims that unidentified sources have made to Engadget and AppleInsider.

Digitimes's report doesn't identify the sources and only adds that the next genration iPad 2 will enter mass production at the end of February, which points us to a launch date around April 2011.

Apple apparently wants to widen the company's technology gap with its competitors as part of a new strategy and going to a 3.15-megapixel screen could be part of the mix if these Taiwanese sources are to be believed.

Widespread platform compatibility also appears to be on top of Apple's priorities as the company looks to provide with an ecosystem where applications can be run at the same native screen resolution regardless of the display size.

Apple may well ship up to 40 million iPad 2 tablets in 2011 as it increases the number of territories where the tablet is distributed. We suspect that the "old" iPad will be completely retired once the new iPhone is launched because of the significant differences between the models.