LG Confirms G-Slate Tablet Will Have 3D Screen

A spokesperson for LG in France has confirmed that the company's tablet, the G-Slate, will have a 3D-capable display which will not need any special glasses to be viewed.

French website GPSandCo says that the tablet will be able to record videos in 3D, although we're not sure how this will be done given that it has only two cameras - one at the rear and one in front.

LG has also confirmed that the tablet will come with the same processor as the LG Optimus 2X, an Nvidia Tegra 2, clocked at 1GHz, plus a 8.9-inch WVGA display.

There will also be a microUSB port and HDMI support, and looks set to go on sale in the US in Q1 2011 with a rumoured price of $299 subsidised. Like for the Apple iPad, there will be a number of versions with different storage sizes and different connectivity options (optional 3G/4G connectivity).

T-Mobile US has already confirmed that the tablet will be its first 4G tablet with Honeycomb (although technically T-Mobile US has a 3.5G/HSPA+ network) and is already taking pre-orders for the tablet.

Chances are that the LG G-slate will be available before the Motorola Xoom - at least in Europe - and will be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.