LivingSocial Sells Over 1 Million Amazon Vouchers

Groupon rival LivingSocial has sold over one million $20 Amazon gift vouchers in 24 hours.

The platform was offering the vouchers for the discount price of $10.

According to RCR Unplugged, the deal had surpassed one million buyers this morning, and is now totalling around 1.3 million.

LivingSocial has sold $26 million worth of vouchers, making this the largest deal of its kind. The title was previously held by a Groupon-GAP deal, which had sold $11 million worth of GAP vouchers.

Business Insider reports that LivingSocial will be grossing over $4 million from the deal, out of which $2 million will go to Amazon, which recently invested $175 million on the platform.

Soon after the deal went viral, LivingSocial rivals claimed that they had found a way to fool the platform's system into selling more than one voucher to a user.

To this, LivingSocial CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy, told Business Insider: “We intentionally had that happen today because we expected people to game the system and didn’t want to get into a game of cat and mouse all day. That 50-75 per cent of the purchases were gamed is laughable.”