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LoveFilm To Bring Movies To Mobiles Following Amazon Acquisition

Following Amazon’s purchase of LoveFilm this week, the retailing giant outlined that it has some exciting plans for the film rental outfit.

Soon after the deal was announced, the heads of the two companies detailed some of these plans to Pocket-Lint (opens in new tab). According to the two, one of the most significant goals that LoveFilm and Amazon may pursue is bringing film streaming to mobile phones.

“We continue to evolve in any way. We’re looking to get onto as many devices as we possibly can and we can now push on harder and faster," Greg Greely, Amazon’s vice president of EU retail told Pocket-Lint in an interview.

Simon Calver, LoveFilm’s CEO, also hinted at the move, saying: "We’ve learnt an awful lot in TV and games consoles and Amazon has learned huge amounts in the digital space as well with mobile devices. The challenge is going to be where to start. There’s no shortage of opportunities for us.”

The acquisition deal saw Amazon paying $200 million for the remaining 58 per cent stake in LoveFilm, having already bought 42 per cent of the company back in 2008.

Greely also assured that no short term plans to rebrand the movie-streaming company.

“We don’t see plans to change the name. Lovefilm has fantastically loyal user base. As for the service, it’s early days, we haven’t locked down anything at the moment but, going forward, we’re really not looking to change much. It’s a hybrid service to get as many hard copy and digital films delivered as possible and that's the aim of the game," he said.